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Regulations in handling the admission of overseas Chinese students in primary, junior high and senior high schools by the K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education

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  1. According to the ‘Measures for Following Up on Persons at Risk of Infection‘ announced by the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), people who conduct home quarantine shall adhere to the following measures:
    1. Where the competent authority has issued a ‘Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Health Declaration and Home Quarantine Notice’, the individual is to wear a surgical mask and return home for home quarantine.
    2. The village chief or village clerk shall conduct the ‘Health Notice’ every day during the 14-day period to ask about the individuals’ health status, and shall record the information obtained on the ‘Health Management Record’.
    3. During the quarantine period, the individual is to stay at home (or designated location) and not go out, and may not leave the country or use public transportation.
    4. Symptomatic individuals will be sent to designated medical facilities for specimen collection and tests; the competent health authority will also begin active monitoring.
    5. Individuals not adhering to the CECC’s prevention measures will have relevant penalties imposed under the Communicable Disease Control Act and be forcibly placed in a related location.
    6. After the home quarantine period ends, the individual should conduct an additional 7-day period of self-health management.
  2. Schools and students are informed that if they cannot complete the registration and enrollment for schools in Taiwan as scheduled due to the epidemic prevention period of the COVID-19 outbreak or due to delays in processing arriving into or departing from our nation, the aforementioned students may be allowed to retain their admission requirements for one year (until the first semester of the 110 academic year) when applying for retention of admission requirements.

  3. According to Article 5, paragraph 6, clause 7, of the General Regulations for Overseas Chinese Students Applying to Taiwan for Admission to Senior High or Junior High Schools, ‘parents of overseas Chinese students shall designate a friend in Taiwan as their guardian to take care of them.’

  4. According to the seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak and the ’Measures for Following Up on Persons at Risk of Infection’, the new overseas Chinese students are requested to arrive in Taiwan at least 15 days before the registration date, and their guardians in Taiwan will assist the students to complete the home quarantine for 14 days. Those who are confirmed to be asymptomatic are able to register at school on the registration date. Before registration, these students must complete the filling of relevant survey information such as body temperature measurement, ‘Self-Health Management Notice’ and travel history.

  5. Schools and guardians in Taiwan are informed that in order to assist overseas Chinese students applying for entry to Taiwan, the students must conduct home quarantine for 14 days and other related matters in accordance with the regulations announced by the CECC.

  6. If there are any adjustments to the above quarantine-related regulations announced by the CECC, for example at such times as when students are arriving in Taiwan, all students must follow the adjusted schedules.

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