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The ‘Industry-Academia Collaboration Program for Indonesian 2-year College’ Students’ Professional Skills Further Upgrade Displaying these Skills in Enterprise Internships in August


After one year’s study in the Republic of China (ROC) (Taiwan), the students of the ‘Industry-Academia Collaboration Program for Indonesian 2-year College’ (hereinafter referred to as 2+i Program) are expected to participate in enterprises from August to September 2020, to take off-campus internship courses in order to refine functional competency cultivation and experience the enterprise's workplace culture. For the first time, our nation established the 2+i Program in the form of government-to-government (G2G) cooperation, to cultivate talents in accordance with the needs of industrial technology talents cultivation raised by the Indonesia government. In the academic year 107, there were 4 classes and 88 students were enrolled, while in the academic year 108, there were 6 classes and 167 students were enrolled. Among them, the first intake of 26 students and the second intake of 31 students were enrolled in a Mechanical Engineering Program that was jointly established by Cheng Shiu University and Hua Yong Machine Industry (abbreviated as Hua Yong).

In the first year, the first intake of students of Cheng Shiu University’s 2+i Mechanical Engineering Program studied theoretical courses in precision measurement, engineering statistics and quality control as well as hands-on training in school to establish a theoretical foundation for professional knowledge. Starting from August 2020, students will take an off-campus internship course in the precision detection room of Hua Yong quality control department. Hua Yong is a subcontractor of Sanyang Motor and Kwang Yang Motor. Under the professional training of Hua Yong engineers, students are trained on the basis of the precision measurement knowledge they have learned in school, to have the ability to independently complete the precision detection of various machining components such as gears, axles, connectors, and propeller shafts of automobiles and motorcycles, and utilize measurement records to establish a database for feedback and application in the manufacturing processes, so as to further refine the learning of quality control application.

As already mentioned, the 2+i Program has held two years of intake in the academic year 107 and 108. Our nation has jointly trained students with practical and technical skills and Chinese language ability with the Indonesia government. The students learn theoretical knowledge in professional fields in the first grade and strengthen their Chinese language ability. During the off-campus internship courses, the students apply what they learned in the courses to enterprises in corresponding fields. After refining professional functional competency cultivation progressively in this field, the goal of cultivating practical and technical talents in the 2+i Program has been achieved. Schools cooperate with industries to cultivate students’ employment agility and functional competency that can connect to industry, and the cultivated talents match Indonesia's development needs. The Ministry of Education will continue to research and discuss with other New Southbound national governments about cooperation in the G2G model in promoting talent cultivation programs.