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Nine MOE Scholarships Awarded for PhD Studies at World-class Universities in Australia


Taiwan’s Ministry of Education has an array of jointly-funded scholarships for students and researchers from Taiwan to undertake PhD programs abroad at a university that is consistently ranked among the top one hundred in the world. Among these prestigious universities are the University of Sydney and the Australian National University.

The scholarships are co-funded by the Ministry of Education and each university, and the recipients will receive over $35,000 a year for up to four years, to undertake their PhD program and include a monthly stipend.

Five outstanding people from Taiwan have just been selected to receive a scholarship to undertake a PhD at the University of Sydney, and four outstanding people from Taiwan will to undertake a PhD at the Australian National University. 

The 2020 recipients of these scholarships are working in a diversity of fields: engineering and IT, chemical and biomolecular engineering, aerospace, mechanical and mechatronic engineering, and transport and logistics studies.

Students who would like to be considered to receive such a scholarship in 2021 need to submit an application to the MOE and a separate application to the university that they would like to attend. Please visit the following websites for more details. 

Taiwan–University of Sydney Scholarship

Taiwan–Australian National University Scholarship