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National Chiao Tung University YMCT Center for Smart Healthcare & CiRA Foundation at Kyoto University sign MOU

Distinguished Professor Mau-Chung Frank Chang, former president of NCTU with a team of scientists from Yang-Ming University & NCTU, visiting Kyoto University and CiRA in December, 2019

The YMCT Center for Smart Healthcare at National Chiao Tung University signed an MOU with CiRA (Center for iPS Cell Research and Application) at Kyoto University in May, 2020. Professor Shinya Yamanaka, the Director of CiRA and winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, and Professor Lin Chi-Hung, the Director of the YMCT Center for Smart Healthcare signed the MOU. The two world-class centers plan to work together promoting education and training on stem cell generation in the medical science field.  


A group from YMCT Center visited Kyoto University and CiRA last year, led by Distinguished Professor Mau-Chung Frank Chang, formerly president of National Chiao Tung University, and a group from CiRA, led by its Deputy Director Naoko Takasu, visited National Chiao Tung University and also Yang-Ming University to get a better understanding of their education and R&D capacities. That resulted in an agreement for cooperation with Dr. Chen Sin-Horng, acting president of National Chiao Tung University, and Dr. Steve H.S. Kuo, president of Yang-Ming University.


National Chiao Tung University has recently accelerated a BioICT® plan with Yang-Ming University to apply semiconductors and ICT to smart medicine and AI medical science. The process of generating stem cell relies on experienced engineers, who cost a great deal and cannot be mass produced, so finding out how to use advanced processes to automate production is a dilemma that needs to be resolved. In future, these two universities in Taiwan which are both strong in the semiconductor, ICT, and medical science fields will use the cell production engineering of CiRA to reinforce cell production processes.