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To Cooperate with Students With Disabilites to Promote Innovative Campus Accessibility- The Ministry of Education Established the University Campus Accesssmap Taiwan


Finding accessible facilities on campus had always been a thorny issue for students with  disabilites, faculty and their families and friends. Therefore, the Ministry of Education (MOE) established the ‘the University Campus Accesssmap Taiwan’ (abbreviated as UCAT) in June, 2020. Through this platform, users can easily search, browse and consult the on-site photos and detailed information of 9185 accessible facilities in 724 buildings of 24 universities of toilets, elevators, dormitories, conference rooms and even sports venues. This creates the ultimate in convenience for the mobility impaired people who go on campus.

The MOE expressed that the UCAT program cooperated with accessibility experts, research institutions, each university’s resource room, non-profit organizations for social welfare education and social enterprises in the past two years, to conduct the first comprehensive survey of accessibility facilities and resources in colleges and universities . This pioneering action not only responds to the needs of persons with disabilities, but also demonstrates the innovative direction of promoting accessibility campus and human rights education.

The most innovative and remarkable idea behind the UCAT program is that the MOE recruited and trained the students with disabilites in colleges and universities to work as the ‘Campus Accessibility Investigator and Ambassador’. Through the well-organized training courses on accessibility laws and regulations, smart mobile technology, opening for resources and big data, and establishment of on-site data, the students with disabilites in colleges and universities can further understand and develop professional knowledge on campus accessibility. Then, they can devote themselves to help their schools to register this platform and improve the accessible facilities, to share this convenient service with other students and faculty, and further appeal to more people to join the equality education on campus. The MOE emphasizes that the UCAT program is the optimum example where students with  disabilites in colleges and universities can also actively participate in society and contribute to society as citizens.