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Amazing Places to Have Fun and Learn during the Summer Vacation National Social Education Institutions Promote Multiple Bilingual Activities


To provide a high quality bilingual environment and to enhance English learning ability for the public, National Social Education Institutions governed by the Ministry of Education have been continuously refining various English services; splendid and diverse bilingual exhibitions and activities are also being held during the summer vacation (2020) as well. Here are some examples:

  1. The special exhibition of ‘Changing Nature-Disordered Ecosystems’ in the National Museum of Natural Science, which utilizes exhibition boards to present information in both Chinese and English. This special exhibition combines collections, precious and rare specimens, images and videos to guide the public to think: how human beings coexist with other species in a sustainable way.
  2. The permanent exhibition of ‘Tinkering Workshop’ in the National Taiwan Science Education Center, which provides flyers to present brief introductions both in Chinese and English, focuses on innovative workshops and technology, where the public can stimulate their brainstorming to develop creativity through hands-on activities and fun.
  3. The activity of ‘Little Bear Story Time’ in the National Taiwan Library, provides story-telling, dancing with music, situational decorations, and a wide range of hands-on activities which can be conducted through multilingual picture books.
  4. The ‘STEAM Science Summer Camp in English’ was also organized by the National Taiwan Library, and combines the methods of scientific knowledge, game interaction, and interesting competitions to increase children's interest in reading foreign language picture books.

The public are welcomed to visit museums and libraries with their family and friends during the summer vacation, so as to have a fantastic intellectual journey.