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The Introduction to ‘Strengthen the School Law-related Education Program’


The rule of law is the foundation of a democratic country, and through the implementation of the spirit of the rule of law, our society can be organized and orderly, and every citizen can be protected and dignified. The Ministry of Education (MOE) established the ‘Strengthen the School Law-related Education Program’ to actively promote law-related education, and the expectation is to fully implement the school law-related education by utilizing resources within the government and the private sector. This action will further combine family, school and society to comprehensively promote law-related education, so as to root the deep-seated cultivation of the operation of law-related education, thereby establishing the foundations of the modern rules of a lawful society.
The basic concept of law-related education aims to cultivate the basic legal literacy of modern citizenship, which includes:
·fulfilling the concepts of justice and fairness,
·learning the meanings of law and the rule of law,
·understanding the constitutional fundamentals and principles of the protection of human rights,
·and equipping oneself with the basic knowledge and abilities of substantive and procedural law. 
Through the enhancement of law and the rule of law, and the development of the behavior of fulfilling the value of the rule of law in daily life, teachers in schools at all levels are encouraged to integrate law-related education into courses of the language arts domain, the social studies domain, and the integrative activities domain, and these domains include key learning points for law-related education.
To incorporate the implementation of the Curriculum Guidelines of 12-Year Basic Education, the MOE will continuously develop various promotion measures of law-related education on campuses. 
By using the strategies of:
·editing and establishing teaching materials of rule of law courses,
·promoting schools’ rule of law measures,
·enhancing the rule of law knowledge and abilities of teachers
·and promoting parental rule of law concepts,
the expectation is that through the cooperation of teachers, parents, courses, teaching materials and relevant measures, the students’ basic competence of law-related education can be enhanced, and students equipped with the correct knowledge of law can be cultivated and positive rule of law attitudes can be established. At the same time, the rule of law concepts of the teachers and parents will be strengthened to reduce and prevent juvenile delinquency and to cultivate a modern citizenship which understands and abides by the law.