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Orientatin for Filipino students soon leaving for Taiwan

Angelo Brian Castro posted his video to encourage this year's scholarship winners

Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy is designed to enhance cooperation between Taiwan and its neighboring countries, and in recent years the Ministry of Education of Taiwan has increased the number of scholarships available to their students to undertake degree programs and Chinese language studies in Taiwan. This year, 20 students from the Philippines were awarded a Ministry of Education Taiwan Scholarship to undertake a degree, and 23 students were awarded a Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarship to study Mandarin at a Chinese language center affiliated with a university. 
The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines (TECO) would normally hold an orientation session for the scholarships winners at its office in Manila, to help them prepare to go to Taiwan. This year, Dr. David Cheng Han Lee, the director of the Education Division there, organized an online website and uploaded a range of helpful material. This included practical details about their scholarships, and information on how to apply for a student visa.
The Education Division also asked a number of Filipino students who have previously received one of these scholarships and gone to study in Taiwan to provide videos talking about their experiences living and studying there, to share on the website. Their videos gave many helpful tips and lots of encouragement to the students preparing to set off.
Representative Michael Peiyung Hsu also sent a video message conveying his regards to this year’s scholarship winners and their families; and he expressed his gratitude to all the Filipinos who continue to choose Taiwan as their study destination. TECO wishes all the Filipino students undertaking higher education programs in Taiwan a worthwhile stay there.