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MOE Scholarship Student in Austria Sees her Dreams Come True

Diploma concert

In response to the current COVID 19 pandemic, all universities and colleges in Austria have been offering online courses in this last semester. But despite this, Hung Miao-yu, who’s been studying in Austria on a Ministry of Education scholarship was able to perform her Final Diploma Concert, making a dream come true. Dr. Wang Hsiang-yueh, the director of the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Austria, personally witnessed this special moment. 
Ms Hung decided to study abroad at the end of 2012, and so her final academic year at National Taiwan Normal University became even busier. She put great effort into learning German from scratch and successfully obtained the Goethe Institute A2 and B1 certificates in five just months.
In June and July of the following year, she took the master’s degree entrance examinations in several cities in Germany and Austria. She received admission offers from three famous music academies and decided to study for the Violin Performance Diploma, at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. The academic demands, cultural environment, and living expenses were all challenging. She applied twice for a Ministry of Education scholarship and was filled with joy to finally receive one. 
In 2017, she was given a job that she’d always dreamed of: as a violinist in a soundtrack recording studio, and since then, she’s played in recording sessions for productions from Hollywood’s Universal Studios; European, Chinese, and Korean movies; BBC documentaries, and Netflix series. She’s still always excited about new projects, looking forward to recording the music that adds more color and atmosphere to a film, and it’s a magical feeling to see the final result a few months later 
As a 21st century musician, it‘s important to learn contemporary music, so in 2017, she was admitted to the world-renowned Lucerne Festival Academy and played in some of the great concert halls in the world, such as KKL Lucerne, Philharmonie de Paris, Berlin Philharmonie, and Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.
The pandemic made many things uncertain but in May, she learned that she was still had an opportunity to take the final artistic exam for her master’s degree course. She had to prepare a repertoire of nine pieces for the exam without being able to have lessons with the professor, an enormous difficulty, but two months later, in July, she completed two exams with the highest score.
This is the latest milestone that Ms. Hung has achieved. Each milestone was a blessing, representing a dream that came true. There were no shortcuts: they followed years of work, and many days filled with difficulties and obstacles but she feels truly grateful.