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The Annual Exhibition for Students of SPOSAD

The Annual Exhibition for Students of SPOSAD

Scholarship Program for Overseas Study in Arts and Design (SPOSAD) held by Ministry of Education (MOE) sent 28 students for overseas study or internship at 23 institutes or companies situated in 9 countries across the globe which are the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Japan and Australia in 2019. The students demonstrate what they have learnt from top design universities or firms around the world on a 5-day exhibition from 14 to 18 October at 1st floor of M4B of Taipei Huashan 1914 - Creative Park. At the venue on 14 October (Wednesday), the students will be sharing their learning journey and the inspiration for creation.

The program has sent 313 elite students for overseas since 2005, each of whom received a full scholarship of approximately NTD 1.5 million. Performances of earlier students are outstanding, majority of them work in the design-related sector as well as international firms, including Taiwanese companies of Moonshine Animation, Quanta Computer, ASUS, Hon Hai, Japanese firm of Polygon Pictures, French firm of Illumination Mac Guff, and American firm of Sebamed and Siegel Gale etc.

The great student cases of the year 2019 are as follows:

Digital Media
From Cartoon Style to Realistic Style 
An Honor from New York Movie Award

During the period of overseas training, Liang-Yu Chen, a student of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology who studied at "the Harvard of Animation" of Sheridan College in Canada, challenged himself by making his graduation film <Cigarette After Fight> in a realistic style. The film illustrates the relation between a chef and a squid with his unique mixture of Japanese Manga. The film, premiered at New York Movie Award, was soon received an honor of Best Animation. It is also selected in the following 4 film festivals. By this outstanding performance, Chen has established his foundation at the animation path and also energized it into the global audiovisual industry.

A Social Contribution in Post-Pandemic Era 
An Animation Student Makes Sky Dome Movie for Ocean Life Education

Ya-Ching, Liu, a student from National Taiwan University of Arts, went for training at Supinfocom-Rubika, which is a top 3D animation school in France. Facing a tough time of Covid-19 pandemic and a sharp drop in the number of internship at firms, her excellent works won her an internship opportunity from Pixable, an animation studio based in Dresden, Germany. She joined a project in making sky dome movie in ocean life education for children as the target audience, hoping to enable children to learn how environmental pollution influences ocean life. The film is scheduled to be screened at the local theater and the summer festival in Germany next year.

Internship at the Biggest Animation Company in the Netherlands 
and Join Netflix Animation Projects

Ying-Ying Lin from Shih-Chien University did her training at AKV|St.Joost. Lin, at her early study here, soon received an internship chance at Submarine, one of the main animation companies in the Netherlands where she joined 4 projects in total, including the one with Netflix and was responsible for visual development and character design. With experience in the industry, Lin makes progress in her works, and further, with confidence, she has more understanding about her position in the teamwork in the animation industry. 

Visual Communication Design
Brave and Soft-Minded All Because of Design 
A Road to Designer after 125 Rejection Letters

Hsuan Lin, a student from National Taiwan University of Arts, was sent for training at Pratt Institute in the United States where she developed her novel and distinctive thinking in art creation. The design industry is impacted by the epidemic outbreak. Lin, not afraid hundreds of rejection letters, overcame such great challenge by her trait of persistence and finally received an internship offer from Interior Design Magazine, a main-stream magazine in the field of interior design across the globe. She soon joined 5 projects, including the event of Best of the Year 2020 in New York. Her brilliant performance won her a job offer from the parent company SANDOW, becoming the first student employee in the company.

A Special Home Workout Moment in Pandemic Time
Motion Designer Design Popular Workout APP

Li-Ying Wen, a student from National Taiwan Normal University, underwent her training at Gobelins, l'École de l'image, a global pioneer in motion graphic design. She accumulated her experience in courses based on industry-academy cooperation, for example, the projection mapping project of Orleans Cathedral and the commercials of France Public Health Agency. Wen received an internship offer at FizzUp by her profession at motion graphic design. The policy of work from home was enacted in France in the second half of the year which indirectly opened a trend of a home workout. By the experience gained from courses, which based on industry-academy cooperation, she was responsible for developing the motion visuals on the popular workout APP in France. Her visual style was recognized by her employer, who chose her short video as the first commercials in the Asian region. She had been further invited to join the company to be a full-time employee.

Listen and Solve the Problem
Learning Design for People in the World's Happiest Country

Chia-Hsin Liu from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology received North-European Design Education at Design School Kolding (DSK) in Denmark. She connected design with the public, talked and listened to people's problems and proposed a solution in design thinking. At her school time, she ran among organizations such as the Central Library in Denmark and transportation company. Liu is seen as a designer for people here. After her semester, she was positioned as a project manager at DSK's DigiHub, a design agency, where she developed user's interface on checking machines for Xtel Wireless Ltd. Her mission was to make the interface readable for those with Dyslexia. Her thinking of a design for people makes her performance impressive, and at the same time become a better designer.

Product Design
Winner of the Biodesign Challenge, Transform Ecological Treat into Industrial Raw Material

Huang, Wei Hua originally from National Cheng Kung University, went to study integrated design at the College of Creative Studies (CCS) in the USA, a top institute for automotive design. At CCS, two other students from Color and Material Design Major and she participated in an international education competition, Biodesign Challenge (BDC). They transformed two introduced species of Dreissena polymorpha and Quagga mussel, which regarded as an ecological threat in Great Lakes in Michigan state, into the source of calcium carbonate and colorant, which also utilized as raw material for authentic crafts, industrial glass and ceramics. This won them a championship of 2020 Biodesign challenge.

Happiness to the Elder, Taiwanese Student in Dutch Design Week
Jia-Siou, Liu, from National Cheng Kung University, studied at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, known for industry-academia performance in the Europe, where she focused on the research of the interaction between human and robot, application of big data and the design for the elder. Liu cooperated with a Netherland nursing house Archipel to develop "Talki Talkie", which is an interactive platform for caring elder's diet that based on voice system. Because of the work, she was invited to participate in Dutch Design Week 2020, also, the work was listed as a case for discussion on the conference of the European Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals 2020 (REACH). Her outstanding performance won her an intern opportunity at Siemens Healthineer and Elsevier respectively as well as the appreciation from the university, where she decided to continually study for a master degree.

Finnish Stylish Design, Won the Praises from Designers of SEIKO
Wu, Ssu Ying, from National Taichung University of Science and Technology, earned the scholarship and the opportunity to study product design at Chiba University in Japan where she participated in various industry-academia cooperation courses. One of her works was Watch 60 which inspired by wood-bending's L shape chair legs of the famous Finnish furniture brand under the guidance of SEIKO designers. Its simplistic and plain design with potential of commercialized value won the praises from designers.

Landscape and Architecture Design
Advocating Taiwanese Recycling Essence, Creating Sustainable Value

Jyun-Yi Ho, from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, studied for Master of Science in Architecture program focusing on Design, Energy, and Future at Syracuse University in New York. Stepping out the scope of traditional architecture, he was concerning the issue of the sustainable environment with systematically analyzing global trash problem. He also tried to depict comics to explain the design of the city's recycling system which he selected the wandering PET bottle as the topic that eventually won the praises from the lecturer and fellow students. He is hoping to apply what he has learnt from overseas into the reality that he would like to practice it by extending concept design to mine ground of Asia Cement Corporation in Hualien in the appreciation of his hometown.

Concept, Atmosphere and the Spatial Variation
As an intern at Boyarsky Murphy Architects in the United Kingdom, Yi-Chieh Chen, from National Cheng Kung University, participated diverse design projects, one of which was the international competition of a visitor center design in Iceland which she proposed the conceptual design of geastraceae by unique landscape of Iceland. And through a refurbishment project of a 250 years old house at Victorian era, she learned how to deal with the cultural heritage and also taking good care of the customer's needs. Because of her outstanding performance, Yi-Chieh gets an offer from the world-famous Zaha Hadid Architects after the internship.

Aesthetic Education from Life to Architecture in France
Meng-Ling Tsai, from Shih Chien University, studied at école d'architecture de la ville et des territoires Paris-est in France where she dedicated herself to the courses of city planning, architecture design and bulk sample. During her internship at Lipsky-Rollet Architects in Paris, she participated in the international competition of Courtesy of Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2021 (SBAU2021) under the guidance of architect Florence Lipsky, a winner of Prix de l'Équerre d'Argent. She was responsible for mapping city visions and was trying to transform huge information into the simplistic drawing. Her diligent and organizational capability won her an invitation for further project cooperation.


In addition to the introduction of the aforementioned students, more works and learning experiences from returning students of the year 2019 will be displayed and shared by each of them on the day of the press conference on October 14th, 2020. The exhibition will be exhibited until October 18th, the public is encouraged to come to learn about the stories of students returning from overseas. At the same time, the MOE also collected the learning results of 28 students and published a special issue for the public to read, promoting it to those who love design.