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Webinar Gives Taiwanese Students Practical Basic Legal Information

One of the topics discussed during the online webinar for Taiwanese students

The Education Division in San Francisco hosted an online webinar on September 18 to provide Taiwanese students with basic practical legal information to help them be well-prepared to handle situations students commonly meet in their daily lives.
The guest speakers were Ann Chen, an international attorney in Los Angeles, licensed in Taiwan and California, and Sylvia Tsai, a lawyer in New York. 
Ann Chen offered her professional legal advice about traffic affairs, intellectual property, and visa issues, and warned them of the danger of illegally downloading free pirated movies, even though everyone’s outdoor activities are currently very restricted. 
Sylvia Tsai’s presentation focused on rental accommodation situations that the students might meet in the USA and she pointed out many related problems that COVID-19 has provoked. Sylvia gave the students a lot of useful information and suggested that they take looking for rental accommodation as an opportunity to learn how to negotiate. 
This very successful webinar ended with an enthusiastic Q&A session.