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The 1st Taiwan Science Festival of 2020 "A Science Feast!"


The first Taiwan Science Festival of 2020 will be held from Saturday, October 31 to Sunday, November 15. Its theme is The Earth–Ours to Care For because this year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The Festival is hosted by the Ministry of Education and co-organized by Taiwan’s five major science museums—*the National Taiwan Science Education Center, *the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, *the National Museum of Natural Science, *the National Science and Technology Museum, and *the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium—in conjunction with public and private sector organizations, schools and universities, and local governments and industries which are long-time supporters of science education. 
The Minister of Education Pan Wen-Chung explained that the Taiwan Science Festival invited ten institutions that engage in cutting-edge scientific research, conservation, and international business operations to hold a number of Science Education activities. 
These ten institutions are: 1. the Central Meteorological Bureau, 2. the National Health Research Institutes, 3. the National Space Organization, 4. the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering, 5. the Endemic Species Research Institute, 6. the Miaoli District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, 7. the Dongshih Forest District Office, 8. the NTU Experimental Forest, 9. the Taiwan Power Company, and 10. the TCI Co., Ltd., collectively referred to as the Ten SciBases. 
On October 22, the National Museum of Natural Science signed a memorandum of cooperation with each of the Ten SciBases on behalf of the five science museums, and the Ministry of Education presented each of the Ten SciBases with a plaque to commemorate this close cooperation. This was followed by a special performance of ''Legislator of the Starry Sky - the Life of Johannes Kepler'' - a grand outdoor art-science drama telling the life story of the German scientist Johannes Kepler (1571–1630). 
Kepler worked as the assistant of Tycho Brahe, an astronomer, and after studying Brahe’s accurate observations of Mars, Kepler put forward a new accurate theory defining planetary motion. This overthrew the 1,500-year-old erroneous view and it was an important driving force behind the scientific revolution in Europe that began in those times. 
This art-science drama was organized by the National Museum of Natural Science as part of the Taiwan Science Festival. It will be performed again in the Outdoor Plaza of the National Performing Arts Center on October 31 & November 1, the outdoor area of the Kaohsiung Cultural Center on November 7 & 8, and at the Taichung Fulfillment Amphitheater on November 14 & 15. Online tickets have already all been snapped up but there’ll be some seats available at each venue, where each performance will also be broadcast on large screens. 
This is just one of the enormous range of Taiwan Science Festival activities that the museums will be holding:  1,099 Featured Events, 12 Forums and Conferences, 15 Dramas,  95 Science Demonstrations,  314 Film Festival and Exhibition activities,  9 Science Competitions, and  155 Workshops and Science Bazaars. 
The National Museum of Marine Science and Technology will launch the Fantastical World Workshop incorporating the art of paper-cutting; the National Taiwan Science Education Center has invited Matheatre, a two-person American theater company, to perform CALCULUS: THE MUSICAL!; the National Museum of Natural Science will launch an upgraded version of its Big Science Castle show where people can wander through and experience the magic of science; the National Science and Technology Museum will host a Save the Earth - Augmented Reality Game based on Museum Collections; and the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium has organized a series of ocean education courses—the Ocean Long Stay: On-Campus Courses in Hualien, Taitung, and Pingtung—to send to 20 schools in remote townships for students there to experience the fun of exploring science and the charm of the ocean. 
It’s estimated that about 520,000 people will take part in the feast of wonderful activities at the Taiwan Science Festival.  
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