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The Announcement of Winners of the 2020 Taiwan International Student Design Competition


The 2020 Taiwan International Student Design Competition (TISDC), known as the largest international student design competition in the world, has announced its winners! The 75 most representative works, from among the 20,377 global entries, were selected by the professional juries. There were 39 winning works from Taiwan, in the three categories of ‘Product Design’, ‘Visual Design’, and ‘Digital Animation’. These results have clearly demonstrated that students in Taiwan are equipped with great design energy to impress on the international stage, and they have received high recognition!

The award ceremony and exhibition of these winning works will be held at 14:00 on November 24, 2020 at Ximen Red House (No. 10, Chengdu Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan).

The TISDC awards include:
·1 Grand Prix subsidized by the Ministry of Education, 
·1 Gold Prize, 1 Silver Prize, 3 Bronze Prizes and 12 Honorable Mentions under the categories of ‘Product Design’, ‘Visual Design’, and Digital Animation,
·22 International Design Association Special Awards jointly sponsored by the iSee Taiwan Foundation and the Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation,
·1 Environmental Sustainability Award sponsored by the TPCA Environment Foundation,
The winner of the Grand Prix this year is: 
·Strawberry Candy, created by Li Nianze from Tokyo University of Art, wins the Grand Prix with a prize of NT$400,000. 
In addition, the Gold Prizes of ‘Product Design’, ‘Visual Design’, and ‘Digital Animation’ are as follow:
·‘Product Design’: HanDo Prosthetics for Kids by Zheng Feng-Jia, Peng Kai-Jung, Li Hsun-Ye, Kok Wei-Ming, Lin Jui-Ling, Li Yong-Qi, Mo Yu-Kuan, and Zheng Zhung-Kai from the Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology,
·‘Visual Design’: Numbers of Tainan Coast by Ho Chic-Ying, Xie Xin-Jie, Lu Zhi-Yin, Huang Ting-Yi, Tseng Yi-Hsuan, and Lin Yu-Cheng from Ling Tung University; 
·‘Digital Animation’: A Fish on My Bed by Chang Hsin-Yu, Lin Pei-Yi, Shu Jia-Shan, Ou Chun-Ting, Liu Yun-Fei, and Zhuang Qing from the National Taipei University of Business.

The complete list of winners can be found on the 2020 TISDC official website ( In addition to the exhibition on November 24 at Ximen Red House, these works will be exhibited from December 6 to 13 at the National Library of Public Information in Taichung City (No.100, Wuquan S. Rd., South Dist., Taichung City, Taiwan). The public is warmly welcomed.