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Broaden Your Horizon with Reading- The 2020 Taiwan Reading Festival Warmly Launches Nationwide


Since 2013, the National Central Library (NCL), under the guidance of the Ministry of Education, has continuously held a national, large-scale reading promotion event called the Taiwan Reading Festival. The National Library of Public Information, the National Taiwan Library, and public libraries from 22 counties and cities, schools, publishing houses, cultural and educational institutions and book clubs have also participated in this activity, and this festival is the most important event for national public libraries in each year. Importantly, in 2020, the Taiwan Reading Festival has received the award of ‘Presidential Citation for Innovative International Library Projects’ by the American Library Association and its innovation and sustainability can serve as a remarkable demonstration for international libraries.

This November, the National Library of Public Information announced its activity, ‘Come to the Reading-Themed Picnic’. In addition, from Saturday, December 5 to Sunday, December 6, the National Taiwan Library is hosting an event called ‘Reading United Nations: I READ, I SEE’. Further, on Saturday, December 5, the main activity of the Taiwan Reading Festival will be held at the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall for the first time by the NCL, and the ‘Joyful Reading Carnival’ will be launched, which will combine 24 carefully planned and innovative reading events from different sectors. The carnival has 150 participating organizations, with over 250 different reading activities. Furthermore, 14 counties and cities will hold 49 ‘Little Book Lovers’ events around the country with the expectation of creating joyful reading times together with the public. Everyone is invited to come and enjoy the wonder of reading and experience Taiwan’s passion for reading!

The National Central Library’s ‘2020 Taiwan Reading Festival’ website:
The National Library of Public Information’s ‘Come to the Reading-Themed Picnic’ website:
The National Taiwan Library’s ‘Reading United Nations: I READ, I SEE’ website: