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MIT–Harvard 5*5 Academic Presentations Held Online

About 80 students engaged in research in different fields took part in this online presentation event

The MIT and Harvard Taiwanese Students Association held its second 5*5 Academic Presentations event online this year on November 1. For these events, five Taiwanese students at MIT or Harvard, who are doing cutting-edge research in different fields, are invited to tell the audience of Taiwanese students about their research in just five minutes, using easily understood language to explain it. These events provide an opportunity for all the Taiwanese students to learn some new things and socialize with other students. After the five 5-minute presentations, all the participants can discuss what they’ve heard and their own research with each other, and this can inspire plenty of interesting new ideas. 

After much preparation, this second 5*5 Academic Presentations event was conducted using the Zoom online platform to let people who were interested participate in a safe and healthy way. The topics covered very different areas, including medical research and social media. The Education Division at TECO Boston was very happy to see that the Taiwanese students are still working hard in this difficult time; everyone there wants to help the students to work well in their fields.