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University of Washington Taiwan Study Program releases online interview about Indigenous Studies in Taiwan

Professor Emeritus Stevan Harrell and Professor Lenglengman Rovaniyaw talking about Indigenous Studies in Taiwan on August 18

On October 16, the Taiwan Study Program at the University of Washington released a 2-part video of a lively interview between Professor Emeritus Stevan Harrell at the University of Washington and Professor Lenglengman Rovaniyaw at the Department of Indigenous Affairs and Development at National Dong Hwa University conducted on August 18. They talked about some key topics in the field of Indigenous Studies in Taiwan.

The two professors discuss why it’s important to study Indigenous peoples; some of the issues concerning land and environmental conservation affecting indigenous communities in Taiwan; and the understanding and status of indigenous peoples in Taiwan. Professor Lenglengman Rovaniyaw reminds people to respect and appreciate each unique culture. She believes that this is the way to create a harmonious world.

You can find links to see the video at the following website: