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Ministry of Education and Schools Work Together to Reduce Deaths on Campuses


The Ministry of Education (MOE) has experienced deep grief because of several unfortunate events of deaths on campuses. We also hope that the public will significantly reduce the emotional burden of our friends through "enhancing active care and concern instead of public discussion of the incidents". In order to avoid the “Werther Effect”, the imitative effect of suicidal behavior, let’s pay attention to each other, be concerned about others, and refer them to specialists, instead of broadcasting the incidents to the wider population. 

Be a “warm-hearted person”, pay careful attention and have concern for strangers (#雞婆一點主動關心)
Connections between people are crucial for mental support, so please be a “warm-hearted person”, and pay active attention to others. Even just a simple greeting such as “Have you eaten yet?” can create a warm atmosphere around us. Such positive effects can spread like ripples, and it is possible for us to unintentionally help a friend.

Love and care instead of public re-posting (#關心關愛取代公開轉傳)
Many friends on social media have been very concerned about these incidents on campus and are willing to do what they can. However, it is also possible that intense attention and discussion can cause friends who are in difficult situations to feel highly pressured, and even imitate an incident, causing the “Werther Effect”. Therefore, the MOE needs everyone’s assistance in such cases. We can take more silent and active caring actions instead of public re-posting and discussion. It is believed that this will also significantly reduce the emotional burdens of relatives and friends of the related persons. 

No blame, everyone can be a Giver (#不怪罪 #人人都可以是Giver)
When accidents unfortunately happen around us, our relatives, friends, teachers and psychological counselors may feel guilty and stressed, so we should give more support to the people around us and implement a no-blame culture. In addition, regardless of our own position, if we are on social media, or we are partners in educational fields or from any walk of life, we can help and care for our relatives and friends and accompany them to go through difficulties no matter what position we are in. 

The causes of difficult situations are very complicated and usually cannot be solved by one person alone. The MOE will reorganize and improve the three-level system for student counseling as well as network cooperation. Various hardware and software resources will be strengthened to make campuses friendlier. Please remember if you need help, don’t be afraid and talk to your teachers more. Teachers will be your best partners.