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Hosei University Teachers & Students Visit TECRO Japan

Huang Guan-Chau with the some of the visiting teachers and students from the Faculty of Career Design at Hosei University

The Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO) in Japan hosted a group of 22 teachers and students from Hosei University on November 16. They were led by Professor Tomoaki Matsuo from the Department of Lifelong Learning and Career Studies. Professor Matsuo’s main area of research is Multicultural education, curriculum theory, and exploring the nature of multicultural symbiosis and education.

The number of Japanese students studying in Taiwan or going there on study visits has increased a lot in the past few years. Hosei University has academic exchange agreements with 17 Taiwanese universities, and normally organizes group visits to Taiwan each year. The high school affiliated with Hosei University also normally organizes study trips to Taiwan every year.  
This group was originally going to visit Taiwan earlier in the year but then their trip was cancelled because of the pandemic. This was very disappointing, particularly for the students who haven’t yet visited Taiwan.

The main purpose of the group’s visit to TECRO in Japan was to learn more about Taiwan’s Mandarin Chinese Language programs. The Education Division outlined Taiwan’s Mandarin Chinese language education including its current developments and use of advanced software, and then talked about various aspects of life in modern Taiwan. 

The Education Division encouraged the Hosei University students to communicate with Taiwanese international students studying in Japan, for example by participating in the cultural exchange activities organized by the various Japan–Taiwan student groups. This is a very practical way to better understand the thoughts and values of Taiwan’s younger generation. 
Everyone is hoping that the pandemic will end as soon as possible and looking forward to students from Japan being able to visit Taiwan in person.