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Taiwan Film Festival of Boston Holds Online Information Session for Volunteers

Some of the participants in the online Volunteer Info Session held by the TFFB to recruit more people interested in Taiwanese movies and promoting Taiwanese culture

The Taiwan Film Festival of Boston is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2019 by a group of Taiwanese who have lived in Boston for years, to promote Taiwanese movies and Taiwan’s culture to more people in Boston and the United States. It’s already held two annual Taiwan Film Festivals. The pandemic led to all its events in 2020 going virtual, but the organization has continued to grow and it’s now looking for more dedicated volunteers to “join the family” to work on Taiwanese Film Festivals and associated online forums in 2021. 

TTFB held an online info session on January 31 to recruit more talented people who love Taiwan, especially students, to join in and put their skills and interests to good use. They put a lot of effort into promoting the session on social media and the virtual session went very well. One of the advantages was that students from outside Boston could also easily take part. After everyone introduced themselves, they were asked to provide new ideas for the theme for the next film festival. Everything will be online, so how to be more appealing and eye-catching has become the priority question. 

Keep your eye out for what TTFB is offering in 2021. You can subscribe at their website to get news and updates: