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College and University Entrance Exam for Physically and Mentally Disabled Students of the Academic Year 110 Starts Today


College and University Entrance Exam for Physically and Mentally Disabled Students of the Academic Year 110 starts from today, March 19, to March 22 in 7 universities over northern, central, southern and eastern Taiwan. This year, the total number of examination applicants is 3,210. In response to the “Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19)” epidemic, all examination areas have strengthened various epidemic prevention measures to ensure the safety of examinees.

In response to the “COVID-19” epidemic, the Physically and Mentally Disabled Examination Committee has followed the relevant regulations such as the “Principles for the Handling of Examinations for the Prevention of COVID-19” and taken precautions which include the ventilation and disinfection of the examination room environment. All examination rooms, including examinees’ desktops, doorknobs, light switches and other places which examinees might frequently touch, will be disinfected with diluted bleach, and disinfected again at the end of the examination. In addition, alcohol will be prepared for cleaning and use by examination supervisors and examinees. The shuttle bus in the examination area will also be disinfected, including the bus seats, armrest pull rings, etc. and will be cleaned and disinfected with diluted bleach before and after bus shifts every day. Additionally, the body temperature of relevant personnel entering and leaving the examination site building will be measured, masks will be worn all the time, and an additional examination room facility has been added to provide equipment for use on the day of the examination. All epidemic prevention measures will be strengthened in the examination venue to ensure that examinees take the examination in a safe environment.

The examinations will be held in 7 examination areas of Tamkang University, National Taiwan Normal University, Chihlee University of Technology, National Taipei University of Education, National Changhua University of Education, National Kaohsiung Normal University and National Dong Hwa University. This year, the number of applicants has increased by 40 students from the academic year 109. In the northern 1 examination area: 660 examinees; in the northern 2 examination area: 645 examinees, in the northern 3 examination area: 329 examinees; in the northern 4 examination area: 215 examinees; in the central examination area: 632 examinees; in the southern examination area: 681 examinees; in the eastern examination area: 48 examinees. The examinees who will take the additional practical test of art include: 111 examinees in the northern examination area, 25 in the central examination area, 50 in the southern examination area, and 3 in the eastern examination area, for a total of 189 examinees. 12 examinees will take the additional practical test of music.

In order to make students feel at ease during examinations and to satisfy additional needs, specific assistive devices and services have been added to every examination venue in addition to the original regulated services. It is expected that the examination transcript will be sent out on April 19, the online system for selecting schools will be open for examinees from April 29 to May 5, and the unified distribution results for the selection of schools will be announced on May 13. For more important information about the examinations, please refer to the website of "College and University Entrance Exam for Physically and Mentally Disabled Students of the Academic Year 110 ".