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Taiwanese Student Societies in the UK Strengthen Links with Students

Participants at the SUROCUK meeting on February 21

Taiwanese Student Societies at universities throughout the UK represent and assist the students from Taiwan enrolled at their university. The pandemic has severely affected universities and students alike and many students returned to Taiwan and they are currently continuing their degree courses in distance learning mode. 

The Education Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the United Kingdom has maintained its efforts to support all the Taiwanese students currently enrolled at universities in the UK, whether they are currently in Taiwan or still there in different parts of the UK. This includes encouraging all the Taiwanese Student Societies to stay connected, both with their own members and with the Taiwanese Student Societies at other universities, and the Education Division helped organize two events on Sunday February 21, to provide students with information and guidance.

The Student’s Union of the Republic of China in the United Kingdom invited representatives of Taiwanese Student Societies at 25 universities around the UK to take part in a meeting held at the Howard hotel in Taipei. Forty-seven people—representatives and SUROCUK staff—attended. They discussed the issues that the Taiwanese Student Societies have been encountering in these uncertain times, and ways that they’re dealing with them. The representatives also offered suggestions about what SUROCUK could do to strengthen the Taiwanese student community. 

Ms. Canny Liao, the acting director of the Education Division joined the meeting by video link from London. She gave a presentation, outlining the structure and functions of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK, and the responsibilities and goals of the Education Division. She expressed her hope that having meetings like this with SUROCUK and assistance from the Education Division would help the Taiwanese Student Societies at different universities work together more closely.

On the same day, the Warwick Taiwanese Society at the University of Warwick held an online forum focusing on career opportunities in the UK. Forty-five students registered to take part. David Kao, President of the Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce in the United Kingdom and a Markyate Parish Councillor, shared his experience of establishing a company in the UK. Janet Wang, a marketing manager, provided information about the employment market in the UK and the work culture in UK companies, and she offered the students some helpful tips to use if they apply for jobs there after they graduate. 

In ordinary non-pandemic times, Taiwanese Student Societies at universities throughout the UK host all kinds of events throughout the year to further enrich their members' university experience, including social gatherings, fun activities, academic talks, such as social gatherings, trips, activities, academic talks, and more. They’re now planning to organize more events over the coming months to help their members remain healthy and connected.