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Set Up Life Education Advisory Committee and Integrate Administration to Cultivate Life Education


In order to promote students' physical and mental well-being and holistic development, as well as comprehend the meanings and values of life while cultivating a correct view of life, a Life Education Promotion Advisory Group was especially set up. There are 19 members in total who joined this third session, and who are the representatives from the administration authorities, experts and scholars, experienced professionals and representatives from private organizations; the completion meeting was held on March 15, 2021.

Life education is one of the important policies of the Ministry of Education (MOE), and it has been constantly promoted through concrete methods (The Life Education Middle-Term Project; curriculum are regarded as important issues) for more than twenty years. The essence of the video “Encountering Life with Love for 20 years-Retrospect and Prospect of Life Education” was broadcast on the meeting day, presenting the important track and results of the development of life education in our nation during the past twenty years. In the consultation meeting, members were encouraged to speak actively, provide multi-faceted thoughts and insights to the MOE, and improve the promotion of life education in our nation.

Based on the fruitful results of life education, through the integration of the MOE life education administration support network and administration operations, immediate assistance has been provided in the teaching environment to deepen life education promotion efficiency. At the same time, all teaching partners have been encouraged to combine the characteristics of the school with deep cultivation in the field when promoting life education and teaching, so that children can understand the local history, explore the past and development context of their predecessors, and then think about who they are and where they are going in the future. Let life education move forward solidly through inheritance and resource sharing, accompanying children at different stages of life and practicing every day in daily life, to enable our youth to see their most beautiful side, and thus become ideal adults.