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Taiwan Introduces More Foreign English Teaching Talents into Public Schools

English teacher from the FET program teaching students in orientation training

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has launched the “Taiwan Foreign English Teacher Program (TFETP)” to recruit quality English teachers. Recruited teachers will start teaching in public elementary and secondary schools in all 22 counties and cities in Taiwan in the coming fall semester. 
With English education being one of the major focuses of the 2030 Bilingual Nation Policy, the MOE initiated TFETP in 2021 to further improve students’ English proficiency.
Since 2004, the MOE has already been recruiting foreign English teachers through the Foreign English Teachers program (FET). With a focus on public schools in rural areas, the FET has brought hundreds of teachers into local schools, which established the foundation for an engaging English learning environment.
To sustain the positive impact of the FET program, the MOE incorporates the FET program into the TFETP program and expands the scale of recruitment, aiming to enroll over 300 foreign English teachers and teaching assistants this year.
The TFETP is looking for applicants from nations where English is the official or common language and hold a bachelor’s degree or higher. Applicants seeking the teacher position need to further provide a state-issued teaching license or certificate.
Application has kicked off in February and will end in May 15. The selected teachers and teaching assistants shall arrive in Taiwan before August to take part in an orientation and begin their services this September.  Interested candidates are advised to apply online ASAP.