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The Republic of China (Taiwan)-Indonesia Collaboration to Promote the ‘Industry-Academia Collaboration Program for Indonesian 2-year College’: Students come to Taiwan to study and enjoy fruitful learning


For the first ‘Industry-Academia Collaboration Program for Indonesian 2-year College’ (hereinafter referred to as the 2+i Program), students come to the Republic of China (Taiwan) to study and enjoy fruitful learning. Although the courses in the 2+i Program are English-taught, the schools also actively offer formal and informal Chinese language courses to guide students, so that the students can be better adapted to life in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and can even communicate in Chinese with the internship units’ instructors in off-campus internship courses, effectively improving learning outcomes.

In 2018, for the first time, our nation established the 2+i Program in the form of government-to-government (G2G) cooperation according to the requirements of industrial talents cultivation raised by the Indonesian government. The courses established include in-campus professional courses and off-campus internship courses. Although students study in an English-taught environment, they still work hard to learn Chinese. During the students’ two-year education in the Republic of China (Taiwan), in addition to acquiring professional skills, their Chinese language learning outcomes are also very fruitful.

Student Ding Zhong Wen of Cheng Shiu University’s 2+i Mechanical Engineering Program shared his thoughts about studying in the Republic of China (Taiwan), learning Chinese and adapting to life in the Republic of China (Taiwan). Ding Zhong Wen said that he has passed Band A (basic level) Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) and is preparing for Band B (advanced level) of the TOCFL. He only had basic communication skills when he first came to the Republic of China (Taiwan), and now he can use Chinese flexibly in study, internships, and life, and even use Chinese to participate in internship interviews with internship companies. In addition to theoretical and practical technical skills, students gain a variety of language skills. After graduation, whether they stay for employment or return to work for Republic of China (Taiwan) companies in their home country, they will have increased their employment competitiveness.

Students in the 2+i Program have been deeply impressed by the school’s teaching equipment, teachers, curriculum planning, and the school’s meticulous care of students and also express their gratitude to the Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan) for cooperating with the Indonesian government to provide opportunities to study in the Republic of China (Taiwan). The Ministry of Education stated that they will continue to strengthen cooperation with the Indonesian government on talent cultivation in the future to create a win-win situation for industry, schools, and students.