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515 International Day of Families: the Ministry of Education proposes "From Family Education to Workplace, New Practices of Friendly Enterprises"


In response to the designation of May 15 every year as International Day of Families by the United Nations, the Ministry of Education (MOE) adopted "From Family Education to Workplace, New Practices of Friendly Enterprises" as the theme of International Day of Families in 2021 and has encouraged enterprises and Family Education Centers in counties and cities to collaborate in spreading family education resources to the workplace. The enterprises should open up the work fields and investigate the family education needs of employees, and the Family Education Centers of counties and cities should provide the required courses to promote the balanced development of work and family of employees.

The MOE has promoted the "Enterprises for Creating Friendly Family Alliance Program" since 2020, and has facilitated the cooperation of 7 counties and cities and 13 enterprises to conduct 27 activities such as parent-children reading and marital seminar in the workplace, providing 516 families with these services. The MOE expects that more enterprises will join the "Enterprises for Creating Friendly Family Alliance" and collaborate to construct more diversified "Course Planning" modules as well as deliver family education resources to various workplaces in 22 counties and cities across the nation in the future.