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The List of Winners of the 2021 National University and College Students Club Selection and Observation Activities is Released


In order to promote the progress and development of university and college student club activities, construct a platform for mutual exchange and learning between schools, and continue to guide the universities and colleges to strengthen their attention to student club activities, the Ministry of Education organizes the “National University and College Students Club Selection and Observation Activities” every year. With the affirmation and support of students’ participation in the operation of clubs, the diversified abilities of university and college students to participate in extracurricular activities and social participation are enhanced.

The Ministry of Education announces that a total number of 247 clubs registered to participate in the selection of activities this year. Although the subsequent crowd attracting sessions such as club exchanges and observations, seminars, and awards ceremonies that were originally scheduled were cancelled due to the impact of the epidemic, the selection was conducted through online review; however, with the cooperation and support of the judges, the selection process was successfully completed, and the winners of each group were also announced on the activity website ( A total number of 10 Best Club Characteristic Activity Awards and 12 Honorable Mention Awards were awarded this year; a total number of 25 High Distinction Awards, 37 Excellence Awards and 49 First Places were awarded by the universities and colleges. The medals and certificates of merit of the award-winning clubs will be sent to the schools by the organizer (National Central University) to express their support and encouragement for students' participation in club operation and furthermore assist the sound development of university and college student clubs.

Club activities are an indispensable part of the implementation of the universities’ social responsibilities. The expectation is that students can develop interests and promote self-growth through participation in club organizations, and cultivate the qualities of democracy, rule of law and organizational leadership. In the process of implementing university social responsibilities, students can overcome various difficulties and thereby enable themselves to keep growing and realize their self-worth!