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Education Property Foundation: “Sincere Care”


The Ministry of Education (MOE) Education Property Foundation upholds the spirit of being enthusiastic about public welfare and is dedicated to educating the next generation. Over the years, it has taken care of families and students in need across the nation, providing various aided resources for education including “Grants for Low-income Family Students”, “Emergency Funding”, “Counseling At-risk-students”, “Training for Financially Challenged Students with Special Talents” and “Part-time Community Work for Students during Summer Vacation”. Fruitful achievements have been achieved so far, and the statistics from 2013 to 2020 show that accumulative subsidies have been provided for more than three million disadvantaged students and their families.

The children from low-income families, who have not received sanctions more serious than demerit level during the school periods (junior high school and primary school) and those whose average grades are also above pass for the previous semester (senior high school or above) can apply for “Grants for Low-income Family Students” from their schools; the students at all levels whose parents have emergency reasons such as hospitalization due to injury or illness, and their family income is below a certain amount, can apply for “Emergency Funding” from their schools. With regard to the relevant training, part-time work or counseling plans, these may be reported to the Ministry of Education by the schools or private sectors depending on the needs. 

For the related guidelines, please refer to the website of the Ministry of Education(本部全球資訊網)/ Citizen Services (便民服務)/ Education Property Foundation (學產基金資源區). The link of the website: