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Harvard Taiwan Student Association’s Online Farewell Party for Graduates Brings Laughter and Tears

Director Rose Chen joined students from different universities in the Boston area to attend the online farewell party and wish the graduating students all the best

The Harvard Taiwanese Students Association followed tradition and threw a farewell party on May 29 for all the graduating students, giving everyone a chance to get together and celebrate their happiness and success. Everyone is very grateful that the pandemic situation is getting better but this year’s farewell party still had to be an online event.

Twenty graduating students attended and it was still a wonderful opportunity for everyone to be together and say more goodbyes. About thirty continuing students and alumni from different colleges at Harvard and other universities in the Boston area also took part in the gathering. Everyone shared precious memories they have, talked about the challenges they’ve had to face in a foreign country during this difficult time, and of course how happy and proud they are of the graduates who have completed such an important milestone in their lives, and of each other. The conversations and exchanges were heartwarming and moving and brought out laughter and tears.

Rose Chen, Director of the Education Division at TECO Boston, made a speech wishing all the graduates a bright future and a happy life. Saying good bye is never easy, especially for students who have all gone through such difficult times together, but they know that they will always be like a family and they will definitely see each other again in the future. TECO Boston is very proud of all our Taiwanese graduates and will always be happy to welcome them!