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AACTUM - The Alumni Association of National Chiao Tung University, Malaysia - Online Workshops Promote Studying in Taiwan

Participants in the online workshops held by the Alumni Association of National Chiao Tung University, Malaysia (AACTUM)

In recent years, AACTUM has been working hard to provide assistance to students who are going to do further study in Taiwan, and this year, it continued to provide online consulting despite the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. To provide career counseling and the latest information of the higher education in Taiwan, the Alumni Association of National Chiao Tung University, Malaysia (AACTUM) and the Education Division at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia worked together to implement the 2021 Malaysia Young Talent Career Development and promote “Study in Taiwan Project” for Malaysian high school students. 

The main purpose of the project was to provide online workshops and an interaction platform to help students understand themselves better and prepare themselves for a better future. It comprised two two-day online seminar workshops and several online consulting sessions. The two online seminar workshops were held on June 12 to 13, and on June 19 to 20. The participants also attended several online sessions. Some interactive sessions were designed to give them an understanding of the unique features of Taiwan and its excellent education environment, and some gave the students practical tips about preparing a resume and a study plan for their applications to attend university. The participants continued to receive support during the month of July, to help them get ready for further study in Taiwan without worries. More than 90 students participated and most are looking forward to personally experiencing university life in Taiwan. 

Chai Yin Huan, the AACTUM president, praised Taiwan’s high-quality learning environment highly, saying Taiwan’s multi-cultural society has made it a popular further study destination among the young people in Malaysia, and that Taiwan’s Ministry of Education has been very supportive of Malaysia students’ studying in Taiwan. He expressed his appreciation of all the support from the Ministry and from the Education Division of TECO in Malaysia. This support has helped to make AACTUM’s project for students to look into Taiwan’s higher education system and rich culture and become interested in studying in Taiwan a success. This in turn will contribute to training highly skilled people for Malaysia.