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Students’ Union of the Republic of China in the United Kingdom Holds Pre-Departure Briefing for New Students

Mr. Kelly Wu-Chiao Hsieh, Representative for Taiwan in the UK, addressing the participants via video-link

On Friday 6 August, 2021, SUROCUK—the Student’s Union of the Republic of China in the United Kingdom—hosted an online pre-departure briefing and orientation session for Taiwanese students still in Taiwan but preparing to arrive in the UK to begin the first year of their degree courses.   

SUROCUK, established in 1975, interacts with the student unions of nearly sixty universities around the UK and the Republic of Ireland and provides advice to Taiwanese students on a wide range of issues. It also works closely with the Education Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK and shares notifications from the Taiwanese government.
During the online briefing and orientation session, Mr. Kelly Wu-Chiao Hsieh, the Representative for Taiwan in the UK, addressed the participants via video-link. He welcomed the students to the UK and outlined all the ways in which the Taipei Representative Office in the UK can provide support and assistance for Taiwanese students. He wished the students well with their degree programs and encouraged them to maintain regular contact with their families in Taiwan.

SUROCUK also edited a pre-departure handbook for the participants in the online session, featuring more than fifty pages of helpful information, beginning with all the preparations before travelling to the UK, and a thorough description of the Covid-19 protocols for new arrivals. It gives key details about life in the UK and practical guidance on matters, including travel, rental accommodation, sim cards, shopping, healthcare, and banking. The handbook also provides contact details and website links for dozens of Taiwan Student Associations throughout the UK. The handbook was made available through Instagram at SUROCUK IG and there’s also a SUROCUK Facebook Fan Page.

A total of 586 people received the pre-departure handbook and approximately 500 people took part in the live broadcast of the session. Both SUROCUK and the Education Division were delighted with the success of the conference and glad to have the opportunity to help so many new students.