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Top Cycling in Taiwan recreates classics 11 cities and counties receive the Top Cycling─ the Best Cycling Routes in Taiwan award from the Sports Administration

Top Cycling ─ the Best Cycling Routes in Taiwan Awards

The award ceremony and execution results presentation meeting for Top Cycling─ the Best Cycling Routes in Taiwan were held on April 26, 2021 by the Sports Administration. Deputy Minister of Education Lin Teng-chiao and Deputy Director-General of the Sports Administration Lin Che-hung presented awards to the recipient city and county governments and affirmed the joint effort of the central and local governments to promote the sport of cycling, letting more people enjoy the highlight cycling routes. Deputy Minister Lin thanked local governments for creating friendly cycling routes with unique charm as well as for holding paced cycling activities with the Sports Administration to attract people to go outside and appreciate the beauty of Taiwan on a bicycle. These efforts have not only increased the cycling population, they have also increased business opportunities for businesses along the cycling routes, driving industrial development.

At the end of 2018, to promote the cases receiving subsidies under the Plan for Building Friendly Cycling Routes of the Forward-Looking Infrastructure Development Program, the Sports Administration formed the Cycling Route Guidance Team. After selecting potential routes from those receiving subsidies under the Program, cycling route improvement guidance proposals were presented to local governments for reference; then, an online vote lasting a month was held to find the best highlight cycling routes, attracting over two million votes. The 15 selected routes were announced on World Bicycle Day in 2020. September 2020-April 2021, 14 paced cycling events were also held with local government to allow people to experience the results of the Sports Administration’s efforts to build friendly cycling routes over the last few years.

To allow people to visit the best 15 cycling routes in-depth, the Sports Administration has compiled a cycling leisure handbook with the theme “Top Cycling in Taiwan- cycling travel and the beauty of Taiwan”, combined with information including shuttle transport, food and accommodation, check-in hot spots and local food to bring cycling routes closer to people’s lives, sports and travel, and creating an all-new cycling travel fashion.

The award ceremony and execution results presentation meeting were opened by world street dance champions Dream Runnerz who gave a stunning performance of creative street dance combined with cycling elements. The onsite inspection of the guidance team, national vote, paced riding events and other results of different work stages were shown in photographs. A splendid video review of the “Top Cycling─ the Best Cycling Routes in Taiwan” series of events was also played. Representatives of the cities and counties where the winning routes are located, including Deputy Magistrate Teng Kuei-chu of Miaoli County and Chiayi County Culture and Tourism Bureau Director-General Hsu Yo-jen, were in attendance to receive the awards.