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US K-12 Schools Invited to Engage in ICT- based Education Cooperation with Schools in Taiwan

The poster of ICT-based Education Cooperation

Nowadays the world is facing complex global issues, including public health issues, climate change, and cyber security. To address these shared challenges, we need to educate people to give them an international perspective and the cultural literacy and sensitivity necessary to engage, communicate and cooperate with people from other cultural backgrounds respectfully and effectively. It’s also vital for more people in our global village to master the languages that are widely used in the world, as well as their mother language. 

The US has a growing demand for Chinese language education, and Taiwan is implementing its 2030 Bilingual Nation Policy and wide-ranging education measures to make its younger generations proficient in English as well as Chinese. To address the related language education needs, the Taiwan–U.S. Education Initiative was launched on December 3, 2020. Its broad focus is on expanding access to Chinese and English language learning.

The Taiwan Ministry of Education is now encouraging K-12 schools in Taiwan to seek collaboration with similar schools in the U.S. and create online English language learning opportunities. The recommended approach is for partner schools to start with ICT-based cultural exchange programs, and then explore the possibility of cooperative teaching or online elective credit courses. Some American schools might also want to explore Chinese language education exchanges.

The school partnerships will offer activities and exchanges designed to be beneficial to all the students and teachers taking part. The ultimate goal is to build mutual understanding between young people in Taiwan and in the US and motivate their interest in learning languages. This will help nurture future global citizens with the ability to cope with pressing challenges.

The Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles (TECO-LA), a branch office of MOE, is now inviting K-12 schools and teachers in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii to explore this kind of language and cultural cooperation with similar schools in Taiwan. The Ministry of Education has identified 112 schools in Taiwan that would like to  partner with American schools. They’re located in different areas, including New Taipei, Keelung, Taoyuan, Taichung, Yunlin, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, and more. American schools interested in setting up a partnership with a similar school in Taiwan can contact the Education Division, TECO-LA at for detailed information.