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Representative Wu and Education Division Secretary Hsu Visit the Reception and French Language for Foreign Students Association

Representative Wu giving a brief outline of Taiwan’s history and current situation

On September 15th, 2021, Dr. François Chih-Chung Wu, Representative at the Taipei Representative Office in France, and Hsu Lih-Tien, secretary of the Education Division there, visited the Accueil et langue française pour les étudiants étrangers (Reception and French Language for Foreign Students) association. This association, originally called the quipe d'accueil et d'amitié pour les étudiants étrangers (Welcome and Friendship Team for Foreign Students), was founded in 1951 and it will celebrate its 70th anniversary in December this year. 

Its aims are to help foreign students improve their French and achieve better cultural integration. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the association had about 180 registered members each year, 14% of whom were students from Taiwan. It’s open on Mondays and Wednesdays, and more than 30 volunteers do oral and writing exercises with foreign students. It also offers a theater workshop every Monday evening, opportunities for foreign students to have a meal with a French host family, and from time to time organizes outings and trips.

Dr. Wu and Ms. Hsu visited the association on a Wednesday and met a dozen volunteers and several foreign students. They were welcomed by Jacqueline Birée, president of the association, then Dr. Wu gave a brief outline of Taiwan’s history and current situation. He also thanked the volunteers for their valuable contribution to promoting French culture and their efforts supporting foreign students in France. He hopes to continue exchanges with the association and the Education Division will encourage students from Taiwan to become members.