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Virtual “Study in Taiwan” Orientation for Scholarship Recipients in Korea

Korean Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship recipients participating in the virtual pre-departure orientation session

Each year, the Education Division of the Taipei Mission in Korea conducts a pre-departure seminar for the recipients of Ministry of Education Taiwan Scholarships who will undertake degree programs at a university in Taiwan, and for recipients of Huayu Enrichment Scholarship who will study at Chinese language centers affiliated with universities in Taiwan. The seminars provide helpful information about how to apply for their entry visa and other administrative procedures before their departure, scholarship related regulations, and information to help them quickly adapt to the new environment and studying in Taiwan. 

Because of the pandemic, the Education Division held this year’s orientation seminar online, on September 9, and it included extra details about current quarantine requirements.
Cheng Cheng-Kei, Director of the Education Division, opened the virtual seminar, congratulating the recipients, and he encouraged them to not be overwhelmed by the difficulties caused by COVID-19. “This year, there are quarantine precautions all students from overseas have to go through before entering Taiwan, due to the global pandemic. Please be prepared for this and follow the instructions that you’ll be given in today’s orientation. I wish you all the best in your journey.” 

Wong Jing-Yi, Secretary of the Education Division, then gave the participants a detailed briefing on Taiwan’s COVID-19 prevention efforts and she discussed issues that the students might face after their arrival. She also outlined the guidelines that all scholarship recipients must follow.

Some recipients of the Taiwan Scholarships and Huayu Enrichment Scholarships awarded in 2020 then conducted the next session. Lee Young-Hee, a 2020 Taiwan Scholarship recipient, shared details of his experience as a doctoral student in Taiwan and the academic environment of Taiwanese universities. Ahn Gyu-Ri, a 2020 Huayu Enrichment Scholarship recipient then talked about her experience as a student without any Chinese background, and how she managed her life as a student in Taiwan. 

The virtual pre-departure orientation seminar ended with a Q&A sessions during which this year’s scholarship recipients were able to ask questions and share information they had.