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Taiwan & British Council in Taiwan Sign MOU on Language Proficiency and International Education Collaboration

From left, John Dennis, Mr. Ralph Rogers, Dr. Nicole Yen-Yi Lee, and Dr. Pan Wen-Chung

The Ministry of Education in Taiwan and the British Council in Taiwan signed a memorandum of understanding on October 22, to advance cultivation of language proficiency and internationalization of education, to help Taiwan achieve its goal of becoming bilingual by 2030. 

The signing ceremony took place in Taipei, attended by the Minister of Education, Dr. Wen-Chung Pan; John Dennis, Representative at the British Office Taipei; and senior officials of the Taiwanese government, the British Council Taiwan, and the British Office. Kelly W. Hsieh, Representative for Taiwan in the UK, and Andy Cheu-An Bi, Director of the Education Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK, participated in the signing ceremony remotely from London, and the UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Taiwan, Lord Faulkner of Worcester witnessed the signing online.

Minister Pan, Representative Kelly Hsieh, Representative John Dennis, and Lord Faulkner each made remarks to commemorate the occasion. They all emphasized the importance of education exchange, particularly in an era of globalization and commented that Taiwan and the UK are both deeply committed to providing the highest quality of education to meet the challenges of the future. Enhancing international education collaboration is an essential aspect of cultivating young people’s capacity to respond to the challenges of globalization, and to flourish in what look to be increasingly complex times.

Taiwan has already made great progress implementing its Bilingual 2030 Policy and providing opportunities for Taiwanese people to practice English with native speakers. This latest collaboration is expected to have a positive impact on English language proficiency levels in Taiwan and help to generate closer trade links and commercial opportunities. Support from organizations such as the British Council and the British Office in Taipei will play a vital role in achieving the results being worked for by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.