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Sport Administration’s iSports information platform wins the 2021 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Award Public/Private Partnership Award


“The Sports cloud,Sports for all information system, iSports information platform” established by the Sports Administration was awarded the Public/Private Partnership Award of the 2021 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Award on the Novermber 13th. This award is known as the ITC Oscars and commends the use of ITC by enterprises or government organizations to make an important contribution to national wellbeing or promotion of industrial development. This system came out ahead in competition against 115 nominees. The award was presented by the international organization the World Information Technology and Services Alliance.

The iSports information platform underwent construction in 2015 and related functions have been successively enhanced. It has received over 10 million visits and has more than 200,000 visits per month on average.2,600 sport event and course of Taiwan iSports Program are announced and subsidized by the system every year. The website also offers various sports teaching videos, providing an abundance of sports videos to the public. The data of around 5.4 million people who underwent fitness tests from school age to adulthood has been established and individual sports prescription suggestions are provided in accordance with related data.

This platform also provides Sports Administration sports related certificate examination and matching functions to professional sports personnel; through this system, around 6000 professional sports personnel are certified annually; certificate examinations have also been successively moved online and certificate renewal and management and other specialized services provided online. While creating a positive force for the growth of the sports industry, a more environmentally friendly and energy conserving environment has been created. Calculated based on the results of various projects, since this system’s services went online the amount of paper saved is higher than seven Taipei 101s.
The Sports Administration said that to follow the international trend of combining sports, technology and medicine, it has actively cooperated with excellent enterprises and brought many enterprises to cooperate with civic resources through the Taiwan iSports 2.0 Program, sports enterprise certification, fitness testing pilot program etc. Since the Sports cloud was established in 2015, 15 subsystems have been established; of these, to provide people with personalized sports prescription suggestions, after empirical study, results are introduced into the system and combined with national fitness instructors for use in training sports prescription AI modules with fitness data and sports prescription modules. This platform will allow sports for all to become more popular, increase national fitness and promote the development of the sports industry, providing people with a rapid and convenient sports information source.

The main functions the iSports information platform provides to the public are: 1. Enquiry about sports events across Taiwan: integrates sports events, activities and courses and has complete information on the 100 Peaks of Taiwan and mountain climbing, assists with the matching of national fitness instructors and other professional talent and provides safety advocacy films for various sports; 2. professional talent certificate system: has information on examinations for various certificates, such as special areas for national fitness instructors, mountain guides, lifeguards and non-powered flight professionals; special area: enquiry about fitness testing sessions and assistance with matching to people who want to work as fitness instructors; 4. Personal sports resume center: after people undergo a fitness test, after integration with Big Data analysis, an exclusive personal prescription suggestion film is given. Interested people can enquire on the iSports information platform: