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Vice President Lai Ching-te attends the sports enterprise certification ceremony Commends sports enterprises for actively guarding employee health

The Sports Administration held the sports enterprise certification ceremony on the November 9th. Vice president Lai Ching-te was in attendance to commend the certified enterprises, Certified enterprises shared their pride and joy at being certified as a sports enterprise with everyone. Under the impact of the pandemic this year, many enterprises were forced to halt sports activities, affecting the pace at which they promoted sports. Breaking through the restrictions of working from home to continue to take care of the mental, physical and spiritual health of employees became a challenge for all sports enterprises, however, the determination of the Sports Administration to continue to promote sports enterprise certification was not affected.
This year, affected by the pandemic, Full online application was adopted for the first time, with change to quantitative questionnaire trial evaluation through the official website, adjustment of the difficulty of filling out the questionnaire and providing assistance and counselling via the customer service line. Review visits adopted the remote method, allowing the number of small and medium sized enterprises taking part to rise sharply. This year, 118 enterprises applied in all, with 70 certified.
To begin with the ceremony, a video was shown displaying the results of the sports enterprise activity. Minister of Education Pan Wen-chung shared the improvements in recent years in the employee sports environment and the results of certification this year under the efforts of the Sports Administration. He presented certificates to “iSports calendar competition” cooperating competition enterprises and ranking trophies
In the six years sports enterprise certification has been held a total of 456 enterprises have been certified. Next year, the Golden Roll of Honor will be introduced to commend enterprises certified as sports enterprises for 10 years in a row to encourage enterprises to continue to promote employee sports; the sports calendar platform will continue to allow certified enterprises exchange with each other and gain external exposure to attract more enterprise to join the ranks of sports enterprises in future, jointly promoting workplace sports in Taiwan and promoting health and happiness for all.