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The Education Division of the Taipei-Moscow Economic and Cultural Coordination Commission Visits Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology to Discuss Academic Cooperation

The participants in the meeting between TMECCC and MIET, including Prof. Vladimir Bespalov Keng Chung-Yung, Dr. Alexander Balashov, and William Lu

In mid-October, Keng Chung-Yung, Head of the Representative Office in Moscow for the Taipei-Moscow Economic and Cultural Coordination Commission (TMECCC) led a delegation including William Lu, Secretary of Education Division of TMECCC, the directors of the Economic, and the Science and Technogy Division, and colleagues on a first official visit to Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (MIET). The visit was arranged after the successful online IT webinar in late September, jointly organized by the Education Division, MIET, and a Taiwanese IT company, Phison Electronics Corp on 5G Enabled Intelligent Data Society. 

The delegation received a warm reception from the rector, Professor Vladimir Bespalov, Dr. Alexander Balashov, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs and Youth Relations, Dr. Alexey Pereverzev, the Vice-Rector for Innovation, and other high-ranking MIET personnel.

Prof. Vladimir Bespalov welcomed the TMECCC delegation, and then Keng Chung-Yung, and the visiting personnel from the Economic, Science and Technology, and Education Divisions each spoke about potential academic cooperation and presented a range of avenues for engaging in exchanges and projects. These included Contact Taiwan, Short-Term Research Awards, and scientific research related scholarships, grants, and internship programs. 

William Lu proposed cooperation in the fields of semiconductors, such as establishing student internship exchanges, and dual-degree programs. He mentioned that following the passing of the Act for National Key Fields Industry-University Cooperation and Skilled Personnel Training, Taiwan’s Ministry of Education has approved applications by four public universities to set up research institutes in five key areas: semiconductors, artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing, the circular economy, and finance and recommended the master’s degree and doctoral programs at these universities as excellent choices to consider for outstanding Russian students.

MIET is located in Zelenograd, Russia’s oldest science park. After the meeting, MIET treated the TMECCC delegation to a luncheon and a tour of the technological park area inside the university grounds, to look at the results of R&D of medical appliances, drones, and antennas, and a semiconductor factory.