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The Education Division in Thailand Achieves Significant Response Promoting Taiwan as a Study Destination

The online seminar on studying in Taiwan organized by the Taiwan Education Center and the National Chengchi University Office in Thailand

To attract more Thai students to study in Taiwan, in 2021, the Education Division of the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Thailand held 28 seminars, as well as Study-in Taiwan exhibitions at high schools and universities in various parts of Thailand. A total of 24,213 local people participated in these. Another 21,450 people participated in the 2021 Thailand–Taiwan Higher Education and Chinese Education Exhibition that was held between August 30 and September 30, in which sixty universities and Chinese language centers in Taiwan took part. 

The Education Division in Thailand also actively participates in education fairs organized by Thai bodies and promotes undertaking higher education in Taiwan. The focus is on giving Thai students a good understanding of the higher education environment in Taiwan in general, and distributing information material provided by particular universities and colleges. 

It also provides a range of counseling and consultation services, both in-person at the Taiwan Education Center, and through social media: the Taiwan Education Center’s website, Facebook, YouTube, IG, Line and Twitter. These services include giving information and advice about study opportunities in Taiwan, providing assistance with application procedures, and promoting Taiwan Scholarships, ICDF scholarships, and TIGP scholarships in Thailand. More than 20,000 people were assisted in the first ten months of this year.