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Promotion of the Mountain Guide System Bears Fruit Quality of Mountain Climbing Raised


The Sports Administration held the Mountain Guide Training Organization Results Presentation Meeting on November 25. The event was attended by the 14 mountain guide training organizations recognized by the Sports Administration. Chinese Taipei River Tracing Association, Taiwan Four Seasons River Tracing Association, Adventure Taiwan and Keepon Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd. Shared mountain guide training course and the contents of testing and refresher training. The event promoted the professional mountain guide system and raise the level of mountain guide service through exchange of experience between training organizations.

Taiwan has more than 250 mountains over 3,000 meters and slopes cover 27.11% and high mountains cover 45.77% of the land area, totaling 72.88% of Taiwan. The beautiful mountain scenery and God-given natural environment give Taiwan great potential for developing the sport of mountain climbing. The Sports Administration is the competent authority for promoting mountain climbing. While it is hoped that people can improve their fitness by mountain climbing to raise the level of national heath, importance is also attached to mountain climbing safety.

The Sports Administration stated that professional mountain guides have been nurtured for years. At present, 583 guides have valid licenses. Mountain guide training and testing is authorized by Article 10 of the National Sports Act. Excellent training organizations that the Sports Administration deems to have professional ability hold professional mountain guide training courses and award licenses to those who pass a test. The guides meet the need for the employment of professional sports manpower for mountain area sports activities.

The Sports Administration has to date recognized 14 professional training organizations that provide high quality training courses for mountain skills that include mountain climbing, river tracing, rock climbing and snow climbing. Up to November this year, 17 mountain professional training courses, 11 tests, three refresher training courses and five safety empowerment courses have been held, and 113 certificates have been issued or extended.
Each training organization had a rich harvest in terms of training results this year. On November 25, the Sports Administration displayed the contents and experiences of the training and testing of mountain guide training organizations at the Results Presentation Meeting. The event was divided into two parts. In the first part, Adventure Taiwan and Taiwan Four Seasons River Tracing Association shared the results of their mountain climbing, river tracing and rock climbing training courses. In part two, Keepon Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd., Chinese Taipei River Tracing Association and Adventure Taiwan described the process and results of mountain guide testing and refresher training this year. Serving mountain guide sand people interested in becoming a mountain guide are invited to take part. For more information, please go to the iSports website.

In the last few years, outdoor activities have become popular. The Sports Administration continues to encourage people to engage in mountain climbing and hiking to nurture the habit of heathy exercise; it has also enhanced promotion of national mountain climbing education in response to the increased number of people engaging in mountain wilderness activity. This year, in coordination with National Mountaineering Day Activity Series, knowledge promotion activities such as mountain climbing safety promotion lectures and mountain climbing ability questionnaire survey were held, providing people with a chance to upgrade their mountain climbing knowledge and skills. The public response to this year Mountaineering Day activity series was enthusiastic, showing that mountain climbing and hiking are the priority choice of sports of the masses.

Considering safety when mountain climbing, the Sports Administration has drawn up the Matters for Attention When Mountain Climbing, listing the matters to pay attention to and to check to serve as the guide for people when they go mountain climbing. It also calls on people to pay attention to related risks when engaging in mountain wilderness activities and to be sure to pay attention to personal fitness level, carry suitable equipment and employ a qualified guide to ensure that they enjoy a happy trip and return home safely.