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FAATUM Malaysia Launches Study in Taiwan Info Station Website

Dr. Tang Yong Chew hosted the launch ceremony

A Study in Taiwan Info Station website was launched by the Federation of Alumni Association of Taiwan Universities (FAATUM) on December 19, 2021 to promote the excellence of Taiwan’s higher education and provide Malaysian students who are keen to study in Taiwan with one-stop information. 

The launch ceremony was hosted by Datuk Dr. Tang Yong Chew, the President of FAATUM in Kuala Lumpur. Deputy Minister Roy Yuan-Rong Leu from Taiwan’s Overseas Community Affairs Council, and Dr. Nicole Yen-Yi Lee, the Director General of the Department of International and Cross-strait Education of Taiwan’s Ministry of Education also attended, along with FAATUM vice presidents and committee members, and representatives of the Taiwan Alumni Associations in various states of Malaysia.

Dr. Tang Yong Chew stated in his remarks that the info station website was specially designed to give Malaysian students practical help by sorting and gathering all the useful information they require for further study in Taiwan. He highlighted that FAATUM has integrated offline and online strategies, and is conducting more online activities and programs, to meet student requirements during this challenging period.

Dr. Lee Yen-Yi described the creation of online platforms such as this website as important and necessary to meet the needs of students in the new era. She mentioned that Malaysia has been one of Taiwan’s closest international education partners for a long time. Malaysia and Taiwan share similar cultures and languages, and she strongly encouraged Malaysian students to take opportunities to study in Taiwan.

She pointed out that Taiwan is well-known for playing a leading role in developments in such fields as information, smart manufacturing, machine tools, agriculture, offshore wind power, medical and health, and art design among others. She also outlined the latest higher education developments in Taiwan which, together with comprehensive career guidance, and Taiwan’s hospitality, are attracting many students to further their studies there.
Deputy Minister Roy Yuan-Rong Leu pointed out that FAATUM has been supporting bilateral political, economic, cultural, and educational exchanges between Taiwan and Malaysia throughout the years. He looks forward to seeing an increasing number of students studying in Taiwan, with the assistance of this online platform.

The launch ceremony was part of the National Organizational Consensus and Professional Counseling in Higher Education Workshop activities held by FAATUM on December 18 and 19, 2021 to improve professional guidance counseling. Approximately a hundred Taiwan alumni association representatives participated in discussions of strategies to enhance the professional guidance counseling skills in this first major event held by FAATUM during the pandemic. 

The attendees at an appreciation dinner on December 18, 2021 included Dr. Mah Hang Soon, Malaysia’s Deputy Minister of Education, Representative Anne Hung from TECO in Malaysia, and Mr. Tan Tai Kim, president of the United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia. Dr. Tang Yong Chew expressed his appreciation of FAATUM’s efforts to conduct both online and offline activities to encourage students to study in Taiwan. Dr. Mah Hang Soon, Deputy President of the Malaysian Chinese Association, spoke at the appreciation dinner. He affirmed the high quality of Taiwan’s higher education and said he believed that there will be a growing number of Malaysian students undertaking science and technology innovation degree programs in Taiwan in the future and that this will help to train high-tech professionals for Malaysia.