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Increasing Numbers of People in Thailand Sit for TOCFL Tests


The spread of Covid-19 in Thailand led to many scheduled TOCFL tests needing to be cancelled times in 2021 but when the pandemic situation in Thailand eased slightly, the Education Division in Thailand was able to conduct TOCFL tests at three different venues at the end of 2021. The test takers at each of the three test venues were all required to show a doctor’s certificate or the negative result of a quick screening test before they were permitted to enter the test room for any of the TOCFL tests that were conducted day.


The first test venue was the Chinese Language Center of the Thailand Chong Hua Association where 158 people sat for tests, an increase of 77 people compared with 81 people last year, almost double the number.

The second test venue was Panyapiwat Institute of Management where 112 people sat for tests, an increase of 17 people compared with last year. Another 15 people who had registered to take tests there didn’t attend on the day. Preliminary speculation is that this was because of factors such as concern about the epidemic, or some people failing to provide a doctor’s certificate or the results of their quick screening test in time.

The third test venue was Maejo University where tests that were originally scheduled to be held at Chiang Mai University. Fifty people sat for the TOCFL tests at Maejo University.

Thailand’s Covid-19 epidemic seems to be heating up again and imposing strict prevention measures is essential but more and more people in Thailand are learning the Chinese language and the number of people wanting to participate in the TOCFL Chinese language proficiency tests is also continuing to increase. This is despite the rising number of local Covid-19 cases and the difficulties presented by the strict epidemic prevention measures.

In order to meet the demand, the Education Division in Thailand is planning to organize a total of ten TOCFL test opportunities, in the northern, northeastern, and central areas of Thailand and in Bangkok in 2022.