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2021 Construction and Repair Works Workshop for the Ministry of Education and its Affiliated Schools


Ministry of Education (MOE) held a three-day Construction and Repair Works Workshop for the MOE and its affiliated schools at the National Academy for Educational Research (NAER) in Sanxia with around 100 members participating. This workshop’s diverse teaching content included ecology, aesthetics, architectural design, smart energy saving and public safety and required the participants to consider these topics in a different light and engage in fruitful discussions. Additionally, skills for carrying out repairs, procurement and performance of the contract were outlined. Then, when negligent models were also introduced in the workshop, they too could be acknowledged, analyzed, and improved in a simple manner. The MOE intended to achieve the idea of constructing a place where people could not only gather together but also engage in meaningful discussions, and produce more power of positivity.  

With these expectations and course design structure, the MOE was looking forward to see whether the participants would acquire some crucial capabilities after attending this workshop: (1) aesthetic competence – this develops aesthetic literacy and corresponds to the core idea of Curriculum Guidelines of 12-year Basic Education. This competence also emphasizes the retrofit of aesthetic learning environments and the refurbishment of historical campuses, in order to establish contextual cultures which are appropriate for multiple learning environments and life aesthetic; (2) identification of strengthening the quality of constructions – this combines aspects of functions, usages, entrance flows, spaces, efficiencies, and construction methods to complement quality and innovation; (3) familiarity with smart green buildings – this optimizes the usage of resources of the entire building, and creates sustainable ecology. At the same time, this competence imports compound disaster response solving systems. 

In other areas, this workshop shared and considered the aspects of: potential disadvantageous models in the Government Procurement Act, large procurement, the most advantageous tender conditions, implementation of inter-entity supply contracts, coping behaviors to tender failures and unsuccessful tenders, and procurement of service, property and construction work.

The MOE expected the participants to gain an understanding of the lack of construction quality of the model reinforced concrete buildings, as well as how to prevent this and actually improve this through this three-day workshop. In addition, based on the principles of subtractive design and vacant space reconstruction, the MOE hoped to establish clean campuses and with linked ecologies when conducting new constructions, in order to alleviate the negative impact of developing the environment. By participating in the courses of this workshop, case officers in affiliated schools would improve their professional knowledge of construction and repair works, and procurement. The MOE will continue to organize more workshops to meet the demand of building constructions; furthermore, the MOE will try to invite several specialists to participate in future workshops to assist with designing courses and other initiatives. Together with assistance from the experts, the MOE has established and optimized the quality of public works such as campuses and other public areas, and will continue to do so in the future.