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Exchange Meeting between Taiwanese Students & Young LDP Japan Youth Division Diet Members

The exchange seminar underway

The Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan organized an Exchange Meeting between a group of Taiwanese Students and members of Japan’s National Diet—its bicameral legislature—from the Youth Division of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Japan, to give Taiwanese students in Japan a better understanding of Japan’s democratic political system and an opportunity to engage in deeper exchanges with young Japanese politicians. 

On the morning of January 12, Huang Guanchao, the director of the Education Division, escorted 21 Taiwanese students to the headquarters of the LDP to attend the meeting with three LDP Diet members: Mr. Ogura Masanobu, head of the LDP Youth Division; Mr. Suzuki Hayato, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs; and Mr. Susumu Yamaguchi.
Mr. Ogura pointed out the close relationship between Taiwan and Japan and the mutual support that the two countries have shown through times of natural disasters. Education Division Director Huang Guanchao responded, saying that the “cycle of goodness” model of mutual assistance between Taiwan and Japan has set the world a good example of international relations. 

During the exchange of opinions, the visiting students asked in-depth questions about Taiwan–Japan relations, international security, and measures to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, and the three members of the Diet responded with clear, direct answers. 

The students were very appreciative of this face-to-face exchange with these members of Japan’s National Diet. They said that it has given them a deeper understanding of international perspectives and the young Japanese politicians. The Diet members and the students agreed that the younger generations in Taiwan and in Japan share the universal values of freedom, democracy, and respect for human rights. For this reason, they should work to deepen mutual understanding and establish sustainable friendships, through continuous exchange visits and seminars in the future.