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Sports Administration call for applications for Sports Enterprise certification Building a sustainable ecosphere for employee health

Sports Enterprise certification press conference

To build an environment for regular exercise by employees and create a sports for all environment. Deputy Minister of Education and Acting Director General of the SA Lin Teng-chiao said that Sports Enterprise certification was launched by the SA in 2016. He thanked enterprises and employees across Taiwan for their enthusiastic response and for building a sports common good ecosphere through integration of resources. On the day, over 50 enterprises that have applied for Sports Enterprise certification attended, taking the total number of participating enterprises to date to 456, with over 820,000 employees benefitting. It is becoming the norm for enterprises to attach importance to employee sports.

The Sports Enterprise certification label is valid for three years. During its period of validity, exclusive SA resources can be obtained such as priority application for the Program for Subsidizing Recruitment of Sports Instructors by Enterprises and free annual technological fitness testing, as well as being eligible to participate in the Sports Enterprise Ecosphere. The Sports Enterprise Ecosphere is a cooperation platform that is mutually beneficial for enterprises, including event exchange, course lectures and B2B special offers etc.; matched with a points incentive scheme that matches certified enterprise resources, it promotes workplace sports exchange and expands Sports Enterprise peripheral connection benefits.

In 2022, optimization of Sports Enterprise certification application operations has continued. The well-received online trial evaluation function has been upgraded to online submission of application and the submission process simplified. Also, in order to consolidate the sustainable development of Sports Enterprise certification, the Gold Roll of Honor will reward enterprises that have been certified as a Sports Enterprise for 10 or more of the last 15 years to encourage enterprises to continue to invest in the employee sports environment to advance employee mental and physical health and promote the idea of sports for health.

In support of Sports Enterprise certification, many enterprises certified last year have actively become partners in 2021; well-known brand enterprises including DrWang GTH Co., Ltd., Truedan, Unilever, Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank Ltd and Kaohsiung Metro have contributed enterprise resources to support the SA’s aim of development of sports for all. Yung Ching Realty Co., a potential listee on the Gold Roll of Honor, will apply for the third time this year. Regional Deputy General Manager Chien Guo-wei that the company is not just pursuing the three year certification, it is focused on the long-term health of employees. Li Yuan-pei, Managing Director of Sushi Express, applying for the first time this year, said that attaching importance to employee mental and physical health is an important expression of Corporate Social Responsibility; he hopes, through applying for certification, to express the company’s determination to promote the concept of sport for health.

To provide enterprises with more information about application for certification, three explanatory sessions were held in north, central and south Taiwan, respectively. The north session was held after the press conference ; the south session was held on April 1 at 2pm at Kaohsiung Railway Station Kaohsiung No.1; the central session was held on April 8 at GIS Taichung Xinwuri Convention Center.


For 2022 certification, applications are being accepted free of charge from today with the cut-off time of June 15 (according to postmark). The certification award ceremony is planned for early November. All legally registered enterprises in Taiwan regardless of size or industry, domestic or foreign are eligible to apply for Sports Enterprise certification. Subsidiaries of a group can apply separately. For more information, please refer to the website: or search isports online.