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The Ministry of Education recruited " English Language Teaching Assistant" in 2022


In order to create a living English communication environment in primary and secondary schools, the Ministry of Education has promoted the " English Language Teaching Assistant Program (ELTA program) for Public National Primary and Secondary Schools" since academic year 2022. For academic year 2022, it plans to assist 10% of primary and secondary schools under local governments to introduce English language teaching assistant by arranging for foreign teaching assistants to participate in English teaching activities for a long time in primary and secondary schools at a fixed time every week or during the winter and summer vacation, so as to improve students' motivation to communicate in English, and further strengthen students' English listening and speaking ability. Applications are now open for ELTA program, foreign students from colleges and universities who are enthusiastic about English education services in primary and secondary schools and meet the recruitment requirements are welcome to sign up online (

For this plan, National Taiwan Normal University, National Chung Cheng University and National Sun Yat-sen University have been invited to set up ELTA Educational Resource Centers in the north, central and south districts respectively for personnel recruitment, training and matchmaking, and actively seek cooperation with universities in the districts to recruit foreign students and Taiwan Huayu BEST Scholarship students.

This recruitment adopts " rolling admission ". Foreign students from countries where English is the official language or the common language, or whose English communication ability meets the level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR) can sign up online. In the future, ELTA Educational Resource Centers in all districts will also cooperate with English teaching resource centers under local governments to assist  English language teaching assistants to adapt to the campus culture of primary and secondary schools and develop diversified teaching activities, ensure that English language teaching assistants carry out educational services smoothly, and increase the opportunities for primary and secondary school students to use English in the classroom.

The K-12 Education Administration noted that students in primary and secondary schools are encouraged to improve English communication skills not only by English courses but also by the English speaking environment that the English language teaching assistants create in schools. In addition, teachers and students can have opportunities of multicultural exchange and sharing, as well as jointly enhance their English speaking skills.