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TECO Education Division Explores School Cooperation with Sarawak in East Malaysia and Promotes Study in Taiwan

Adam Yii Siew Sang, Mayor of Miri City, Sarawak with visiting TECO personnel and representatives of Sarawak Taiwan Graduates’ Association in the mayor’s office

The Education Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Malaysia visited Sarawak in East Malaysia from March 19 to 21, 2022 to promote study in Taiwan. During the visit they met with the mayor of Miri City, Pei Min Middle School educators, representatives of Riam Road Secondary School and local education groups and discussed school education cooperation.

Adam Yii Siew Sang, Mayor of Miri City in Sarawak, expressed his admiration for Taiwan’s education achievements and agriculture development, and, he suggested initiating a student exchange plan in order to attract more students in Sarawak to study in Taiwan and promote collaborations between Sarawak and Taiwan in the fields of agriculture and tourism in the future. He encouraged the Sarawak Taiwan Graduates’ Association to organize student exchange programs between educational institutions in Taiwan and in Sarawak. He believed that this is a great opportunity for students to experience each other’s cultures and have a deeper understanding of each other.

Liau Kok Wei, principal of Pei Min Middle School in Miri, said that the core purpose of education is to cultivate students’ talents and that his school focuses on Humanistic Qualities Education which guides students on how to deal with the relationship between humankind and society. Taiwan is well known for its innovation and talent cultivation, and he therefore strongly recommended pursuing further studies in Taiwan to his students and welcomed exchanges between schools and institutions of higher education in Malaysia and in Taiwan.

Dr. Pauline Ho, Chief Executive Officer of Riam Road Education Group, said that the schools prepare students to be global citizens who manage to overcome the challenges of today and the future. She agreed that students should broaden their global vision and absorb knowledge of diversified cultures from a young age. For this reason she looked forward to having the opportunity to work with schools and educational institutions in Taiwan to provide education related to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development goals and said that she hoped that collaboration can be achieved between Riam Road Secondary School, Riam Institute of Technology in Miri, and educational institutions in Taiwan.

Charlin Chang, Director of the TECO Education Division, gave briefings and introductions regarding Taiwan’s education to the mayor, leaders of schools, and students during the visits. She pointed out that Taiwan is a popular further study destination for students who want a quality education in fields including agriculture, arts and multimedia design, business management, education, engineering, food services, health, medicine, information technology, and mass communication. She added more than 150 outstanding universities in Taiwan offer no less than 2,000 courses to meet the demand for highly skilled workers in the labor market nowadays. And she welcomed all Malaysian students to pursue their dreams on this Island of Innovation! 

Charlin Chang and Alice Chen from the TECO Education Division were invited to attend the inauguration ceremony of Siew Tick Chai as the new president of Sarawak Taiwan Graduates’ Association on March 20, 2022 as distinguished guests.

Siew Tick Chai, and Vong Onn Kiong, president of the Miri branch of Sarawak Taiwan Graduates’ Association, accompanied the TECO Education Division on their visits to meetings in Sarawak. The participants are all looking forward to more opportunities for collaboration between Taiwan and Malaysia.