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515 International Day of Families: The Ministry of Education Invites Friendly Enterprises to Promote Family Education


The Ministry of Education (MOE) held a press conference for the 515 International Day of Families at the National Taiwan University Hospital  International Convention Center. The MOE also invited the Family Research (Education) and Development Centers of colleges and universities, the Family Education Centers in counties and cities, and members of the Enterprises Alliance for Promoting Friendly Families to participate in this conference. Along with these participants, the MOE expects to call on more enterprises to implement these social responsibilities. Working together with Family Education Centers in counties and cities, family education activities can be promoted in enterprise workplaces to satisfy the requirement for the balanced development of employees for work and family. The main goals are to strengthen the functions of family support and strive for sustainable social development.

The MOE pointed out that since 2020, with the beginning of the “Enterprises Alliance for Promoting Friendly Families —Trials for Encouraging and Promoting Family Education from Workplaces,” 11 Family Education Centers from counties and cities have worked with 28 enterprises to establish various kinds of family education activities in their workplaces. These enterprises have assisted their employees to balance family and job responsibilities, and 52 activities were held, serving more than 530 families and benefiting around 2,000 people in total. These activities have received a lot of positive feedback since they started; therefore, the MOE will develop more diverse course models as well as offer multiple courses for different types of enterprises.