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Central Government, Local Government and Citizens Collaboration: Build Developmental Infrastructure Initiative for the Tainan Technology Industrial Parks


The Premier of the Executive Yuan, Mr. Tseng-Chang Su, inspected the National Education Property Foundation Land in West Central District, Tainan City, which is operated by the Ministry of Education (MOE), and then announced the opening of the Developmental Infrastructure Initiative for the Tainan Technology Industrial Parks. The Premier expressed appreciation for the collaboration between the MOE, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of the Interior and the Tainan City Government. Along with these institutes, the creation of the Tainan Technology Industrial Parks has served to establish further development of Tainan City.

Industry-Academia funds were raised from endowments from notable deceased people. The funds support student enrollment, divided into tuition fees and facilities. These funds come from land rental incomes, and contribute to the following social sectors: grants for low-income family students, emergency funding, subsidies for senior secondary schools, colleges, and universities to arrange part-time community work for students, subsidies for private sectors regarding at-risk-students, and subsidies for financially challenged students with special talents. The funds that have been raised benefit on average around 150,000 citizens on a yearly basis, with the total denomination of $700 million NT. Since 2013, the funds have assisted 1.78 million students for a total supporting amount of $ 6.9 billion NT.  

There is a 27.6 hectares National Education Property Foundation Land located in West Central District, Tainan City. Collaborating with the land revitalization and transformation, urban planning and rezoning, and zone expropriation of the Tainan City Government, the Ministry of Science and Technology called on central and local governments to invest in and develop the project of Tainan Technology Industrial Parks together with our citizens. The core goal of the project is achieving “Exquisite diversity, High quality, Low Consumption”; furthermore, this project leads and strengthens the foundation of the technology industry in the Republic of China (R.O.C. Taiwan). The government expects to import resources in different areas, create more job opportunities, and balance regional development. This new project is the MOE following the National Major Public Constructions Plans collaborated with other organization; that is, the MOE which has already collaborated with the Ministry of the Interior for social housing policy in Jian Township, Hualien County and Hemei Township, Changhua County, and has also worked with the Ministry of Economic Affairs for the regional water source scheduling program between Taichung and Yunlin counties. 
Additionally, this project is designed for the co-benefits and co-usage of central and local governments. At the same time, the project also strongly connects and co-exists with local resources as well as allows for implementation of several relevant policies. Some industrial parks and research and development centers are permitted to be established in not only the central area, but also the southern area in the R.O.C. (Taiwan). This helps in setting up a leading position for Tainan City within the Western Tech Corridor and also allows the donation from notable deceased people to effectively turn into a useful variety of infrastructure.