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Taiwanese Students Art Exhibition in Ginza District of Tokyo Showcases Taiwanese Elements

Personnel from the Education Division of TECRO Japan with Taiwanese students from Tama Art University

Six students from Taiwan currently studying at Tama Art University in Japan were sponsored by the Ministry of Education to hold a joint art exhibition in the Ginza district of Tokyo, a vibrant upmarket shopping area that also has many art galleries and events. The exhibition was held from March 23 to April 2. The works that were jointly exhibited cover a range of different fields, including Japanese painting, sculpture, comprehensive design, oil painting, and graphic design. 

The art works presented incorporated many Taiwanese elements, and many Japanese people were impressed by the creations of these young Taiwanese artists. The Taiwanese elements in the works included items such as promotional posters for TAIWAN POST, Taiwan Post Office parcel delivery slips, schoolbags, uniforms, and Papaya Milk King signboards, and images of Taiwanese night market scenes, a high school. Some, such as urban landscapes and temple buildings, had rich social and cultural connotations, reflecting Taiwan’s history, culture, and social conditions from different perspectives.

The art works of these overseas students also creatively incorporate traditional Japanese artistic techniques, in a perfect fusion of elements of Taiwan and Japan that expresses the vitality of Taiwan delivered to the heart of every visitor.
The exhibition attracted about 120 visitors. The Taiwanese students said that they are very excited to exhibit their art work to the public in Ginza and they hope that this exhibition will represent a key moment in the start of their art careers as they continue to develop their art expertise in different fields and work together to showcase Taiwan’s art and culture abroad.